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One on One Basketball Coaching
Personalized coaching programs for boys or girls.
Our coaches will work one on one with you to help develop your skills and talents.
There are three areas of concentration: (1) Shooting, (2) Ball Handling and (3) Dribbling.

Shooting: First, one must learn how to shoot. The 7 elements of shooting are taught and one MUST master these. Progressive shooting drills--both from the pass and off the dribble--are arranged to build one's confidence.

Ball Handling: A series of ball handling drills are used to teach how to control the basketball. Repetition of these drills will help improve ball handling skills as well as confidence.

Dribbling: The difference between a high (speed) and a low (control) dribble is taught. Speed and control dribbling drills are used on a progressive basis to develop this skill.

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Rate: $50.00 per hour or Packages:

  • 5 -- 1 Hour Lessons -- $225.00 ($45.00 per lesson)
  • 10 - 1 Hour Lessons -- $400.00 ($40.00 per lesson)
  • 15 - 1 Hour Lessons -- $525.00 ($35.00 per lesson)
  • 20 - 1 Hour Lessons -- $600.00 ($30.00 per lesson)
  • Each package must be paid for on the first lesson.
  • Special Price reductions when you organize your own small group! Call for details.

We also offer Small Group Coaching
At least 6, but no more than 10, players are required for Small Group Coaching. During the SGC, the same skills are taught as in the One on One Coaching. In addition, now, 3 on 3, up to 5 on 5, games are played with an emphasis on how and when to make proper decisions during the game. Each individual is taught situation recognition and how to execute using his skills within the team concept.


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